The International Journal of Communication is an open access journal out of the University of Southern California, established in 2007. IJoC is ranked 5th for Humanities journals and 7th for Communication journals. IJoC publishes articles, book reviews, special sections, and features. IJoC is a purely online journal that focuses on communication content, but is accepting of content from other disciplines as well. IJoC reports that they try to uphold USC Annenberg Press’ committment to “excellence in communication scholarship, journalism, media research, and application” by publishing content covering a diverse range of topics and approaches.

Everything published in IJoC, except book reviews, is peer reviewed, and most content goes through two levels of peer review, unless the first reviewer has major doubts that the content would be accepted upon the second level of review.  

IJoC explains that they use open access as a way to increase the number of views and citations that content receives. The journal also addresses that because traditional journals are unlikely to give up the revenue they get from selling subscriptions, it is up to open access journals to replace those traditional journals and make open access the norm.

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